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Same Day Dentures

same day dentures at Bryan Hill DDS Not all that long ago, if you wanted dentures on demand, we couldn’t make that happen for you. That was a shame because if you lost your teeth, you’d want them replaced as soon as possible. Whether it was due to accident or injury, tooth decay or gum disease, you’d want those teeth to magically appear back in your mouth. In the past, that wasn’t possible. We would have you come in and get your dentures prepared, but they would take weeks to come in, and the waiting seemed like forever for patients with no teeth. You would be stuck not speaking clearly and not smiling until your dentures came in.

Now you don’t have to do that. Let Bryan Hill, DDS take a minute to tell you about same day dentures. With same day dentures, you can walk in with no teeth, and walk out with a whole set of teeth. How great is that?

Why Would You Need Same Day Dentures?

Sometimes, when you need dentures, you need dentures in a hurry. For example, what if you were in a car accident, or you received an injury to your face? You may have damaged all of your teeth. Once those damaged teeth are removed, you need something to replace your teeth.

Of course, before we remove your teeth, we would do whatever we could to save your teeth. But there are times when your teeth can’t be saved, and we have to remove them. You are not going to want to walk around for days or weeks while we make you new dentures or prepare your mouth for implants. Same day dentures would allow you to eat and speak clearly while we transition you to something else.

You might also be tired of missing teeth. Maybe you watched all of your teeth disappear because of tooth decay or gum disease. You may be sick of hiding, and you want to have something done today.

How Do Same Day Dentures Work?

First, we will extract any remaining teeth you have. We will make molds of your remaining teeth before we do that. We might also ask you for pictures of you when you had teeth. We will take x-rays to get as complete a picture of your teeth as possible. Then we will make your dentures while you wait. There are some things you need to know. You may have some swelling after we fit you with dentures.

This is especially true if you have trauma to your mouth. Be sure that you follow all of our instructions for aftercare. Second, when your swelling from the trauma subsides, your dentures may need to be adjusted, because they may not fit as well as they did when you got them. Just bring them back in, and we can readjust them. Once your dentures fit perfectly, you need to bring them in every six months when you come in, so we can adjust them if needed.

Do you need dentures today? Why wait? Give Bryan Hill, DDS a call at (509) 505-6303.
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