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Dental Technology
Spokane, WA

At Bryan Hill, DDS we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide our patients with safe, fast, and effective results!

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a handheld appliance that is shaped like a wand. The tiny camera at the tip of the appliance takes hundreds of pictures per second to capture an in-depth and accurate image of your mouth. This image is sometimes used to create a digital impression of your teeth and gums. A digital impression is particularly useful for cosmetic and restorative dental crowns.

Dentist reviewing a digital xray

Digital X-ray

In the past, most dental professionals had to use traditional x-ray systems, which require film development. Our Spokane dental office uses digital x-rays due to their many benefits! A digital x-ray is safer and much quicker than its film predecessor. If the image comes out blurry, we can instantly retake a new one. Digital x-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool that helps us gain a better understanding of the inner workings of your mouth, more specifically the teeth, roots, and alveolar bone.
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iTero® Element™

At Bryan Hill DDS, we are big on patient comfort and providing the best possible dental experience. This is why we are excited to announce that we are the proud new owners of an iTero® Element™ 2 Intraoral Scanner, which will help us improve the comfort level of our patients while enhancing the dental services our office provides.
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Soft Tissue Laser

A soft tissue laser simultaneously cauterizes and cuts an incision in the gum tissue. For this reason, laser treatment can reduce bleeding, discomfort, and swelling both during and after your procedure. We may use a soft tissue laser to treat periodontal disease by removing the infected lining of the gum tissue. This allows for the regeneration of healthy tissue around the teeth. Soft tissue lasers are also effective for gum contouring and crown lengthening if you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Diagnodent Laser

The Diagnodent laser is a small piece of equipment that uses laser technology which allows us to more effectively identify the presence of decay in the pits and grooves of a tooth. The Diagnodent laser uses laser fluorescence to measure changes in the density of the internal mineral structure of a tooth. This allows for the detection of decayed tooth structure below the enamel surface where cavities are at their earliest stage. Early detection of tooth decay can help to effectively treat the problem before it requires a costly and invasive restoration.

Cone Beam CT Scan

A cone beam CT scan is a diagnostic tool that produces a 3D representation of your teeth, gums, nerve pathways, and underlying bone structure within a single image. We typically utilize cone beam CT scans when a regular x-ray is not enough. Cone beam CT scans are ideal for surgical planning, the diagnosis of TMJ disorders and tumors, and the evaluation of bone structure and tooth orientation.

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