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What Is the Right Amount of Floss to Use?

Posted on 8/23/2021 by OM
What Is the Right Amount of Floss to Use?When you are flossing your teeth, there is a right way and wrong way to do so. Some people use too much floss when flossing their teeth, which makes tooth cleaning difficult. The following information tells you how to use floss correctly.

Breaking Off the Floss Needed to Clean Your Teeth

When you floss your teeth, you should use about 18 inches of floss for the activity. Typically, it is better to use waxed floss, as a floss without wax tends to shred. Once you break this amount off, wrap the floss around your two middle fingers, with the remaining floss secured around two preferred fingers of your other hand. Hold the string between your thumbs and forefingers so you can guide and maneuver the floss and have more control during the activity.

Continuing with the Process - How Much Floss to Use Between Each Tooth

Only use an inch of fresh floss at a time when cleaning between the teeth - this is only what you need. Navigate the floss between each of the two teeth in your mouth using a gentle motion. Curve the string against one tooth until it meets the gum line. Slide the floss gently between the tooth and gum. Do not use too much force, as doing so can damage the gums.

Why You Need to Floss

If you do not make it a practice to floss, plaque and food particles can build up between the teeth and form cavities. Flossing removes stuck particles and plaque and polishes the teeth, thereby making them extra clean. To supplement flossing, use a water flosser, such as a WaterPik, especially if you wear orthodontic appliances or braces. Water flossing should never replace regular flossing. However, it does support your efforts toward a cleaner and healthier mouth.

Do you know how to floss properly? If you are still not sure, we can show you. Set up an appointment today for a dental consultation and exam today.

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