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I Am Sick of My Yellowing Teeth! What Should I Do?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Black woman smiling in mirror after whitening appointment done at Bryan Hill, DDS in Spokane, WAIf you have a new dress or hairstyle, or you have lost a significant amount of weight, the last thing you are going to want people to notice is your teeth, especially if they are not looking their best. You may want your teeth to be a gorgeous white, but if they are not, there are things you can do to make them look their best.

Why Your Teeth Are Yellow In The First Place

When you first begin to get your permanent teeth, they are usually perfectly white. However, as you get older, your teeth change color. Your teeth can change color for many different reasons. They can turn yellow if you use tobacco because nicotine causes white objects to turn yellow or brown. Also, your teeth can turn yellow if you drink coffee or tea; this is due to the tannins in the drinks.

Adults have a propensity for yellowing teeth due to caffeine use, but also due to what they might eat. For example, the tea or coffee you consume contains acids that eat away at your tooth enamel, which is the protective coating around your tooth, causing it to look less white. Consuming a lot of berries can stain your teeth as well.

Solutions for Discolored Teeth

When you have discolored teeth, there are several solutions you can try. You may want to change your toothpaste and mouthwash to a whitening formula. These changes will allow your teeth to gradually whiten over time. You can also use over-the-counter whitening products, such as white strips or trays. These will whiten your teeth more quickly.

What if you have teeth that do not respond to all of those techniques? It is time to visit our dentist. Dentists have teeth whitening techniques that can take your yellow teeth back to bright white in a couple of visits. Some dentists use whitening trays or special gels with lasers, but once you step out of the chair, you will be able to see the difference in your teeth immediately!

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